Natural stone has become known for its use that we often see the minimalist home design. Natural stone variations minimalist home using various types of stones which we have known as plain andesite, andesite spots, stone temples, and there are many. The application of natural stone is usually used on the exterior of the house. Natural effect will shine stronger when you pair this ornament on the part of your home. Not only beautify parts of the home, natural stone also has its own function when you use it.
In general, the exterior becomes an important point to decorate the placement of natural stone. Minimalist impression and reinforced with natural stone into a dynamic and luxurious to be seen from the variation of natural stone minimalist home yours. There are a few places that we can use decorative natural stone, including:
  1. Black coral, stone type is often used as the basis of the house and the front yard is combined with artificial turf.
  2.  Stone temples, pillars and walls is the most fitting place to use this type of stone. Its use can be affixed to a wall or stacked so that envelop the wall.
  3. Andesite plain, used as a confirmation of your home garage.
Stone For Minimalist Home
Tips To Choose The Minimalist Stone Natural Stone Variation
Since time immemorial natural stone is believed to decorate the rooms were very beautiful. Because of diverse makes this stone is also widely used in the world of architecture. Suppose the marble stone that is often used in the interior of the house because of the advantages that have sparkle. Minimalist house natural stone variations Indeed much demand because it can accentuate the spiritual impression. Coupled with a natural feel and sturdy in your home will look more attractive.
Stone For Minimalist Home 
Tips To Choose The Minimalist Stone Natural Stone Variation
In your home interior natural stone can also be used to add functionality in your room. Perhaps some people are confused which one is suitable for the placement of natural stone itself. Actually a lot of places that can be used for natural stone variations minimalist home yours. below are some places you can try to put natural stone, such as:
  1. In the bathroom you can use plain andesite natural stone for floors and natural stone for walls green.
  2. In the middle of the room you could put some black coral as a medium for therapy and exercise.
  3. In the bedrooms use natural stone reliefs, using the majority of your bedroom walls.
Stone For Minimalist Home
Tips To Choose The Minimalist Stone Natural Stone Variation

If you want to show a more natural side to the minimalistic variation of natural stone yours. Use as a natural stone wall coating your residential yard fence. Can also make a mini pond using a shower using natural stone with a medium size. Combine several colors of natural stone that you use. To avoid the impression of monotony use of natural stone size variations in a field. When On the exterior there is a wooden ornaments vary with the unique pattern so as to provide a more dynamic accent.


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